Monday, 24 August 2015

My Summer Favorites

Sadly summer is coming to its end and all of us have to go back to school again. But at the same time I´m really looking forward to fall. Actually I can´t wait to decorate my room for fall, read a good book whilst being snuggled up in a blanket and rain is knocking on my window. Oh wow, that sounded cheesy... Anyways, I thought I´d share the things that I´ve been loving this summer with you…

Birkenstocks Mayari

First thing I have are these faux patent leather Birkenstocks (this pair is called Mayari).Everyone has a different opinion on them. Some people love them and some people hate them. I belong to the group of people who love them! I thought about getting them for a long time because I wasn´t sure if I would be able to pull them off. In the end I´m really happy that I got them. Since then I hardly wore any other shoes to be honest haha. They are just so comfortable to walk in and I find them really easy to throw on with nearly every outfit.

 Dainty Little Angel Wing Necklace

My friend gifted me this beautiful necklace for my confirmation and this summer I´ve been wearing it a lot. It´s just so delicate and light and gives an outfit an elegant touch. In summer I don´t like the feeling of heavy and big necklaces on my skin. Especially when i´m sweating. So this necklace was just perfect for me. Thanks again Emely <3

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

 I have really light and thin lashes so not every mascara works for me. But this one definitely does! It just makes my lashes look way fuller and gives them a lot of volume, even if I just use one coat. Also it´s Waterproof so that was good for summer when going to the pool. The only negative thing I can say about it that removing it was a little harder and took me longer than the other mascaras I had owned before.

Calvin Klein Downtown Perfume
I actually got this perfume for my mother on mothers day after we had found it on one of our shopping sprees. Since I really like it I´ve been using it every now and then (btw she doesn't mind haha :D. ) I´m really bad at describing scents but I´ll try my best. It smells like, I don´t know, walking over a field with flowers. The scent smells quite sweet and with a hint of citrus. What I really like is that it´s a very light and subtle scent... just perfect for summer. 

L´Oreal Eyebrow Pencil

I just started filling in my eyebrows and I was experimenting with different eyebrow shapes and I was still looking for the perfect shade. Before I got this pencil, I was using one that was slightly too dark for me. Now that I got this one I´ve finally found the perfect colour! It´s a light brown, nearly blonde shade and matches my brows perfectly. I really like that you can achieve a very natural look with the pencil but you are also able to go bold (even though I´m not going for bold brows that often). LOVE!

Essence Lipstick in Cool Nude

I was looking for a nude lipstick and I really don´t know why I didn´t discover this product earlier! I got it when I went shopping with my friend and she introduced me to it. I instantly fell in love with the colour, which matches my natural lip colour pretty well, and the texture feels amazing on my lips. Also I find the packaging looks quite nice...

White Nail Polish

I don´t wear nail polish that often. I´m not the best one at applying it and I´m always too inpatient to let it dry completely, so I often ruin it by touching things. Well, when I did decide to wear nail polish this summer I always reached for this white one by Kiko… It has a nice opacity and looks really lovely on my nails. And I know that this one is actually a tip whitener for French Nails. But this one wasn´t as expensive as the "real" white nail polish :)

That is it for my summer favourites. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what your summer favourites are in the comments below :)

Paulina xoxo

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