Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Things I Want To Do This Fall

I got the flu yesterday which isn´t that cool because being sick sucks. But on the other hand I got to stay at home and I didn´t have to go to school, yay! And while I was being cuddled up in my bed and sipping on my tea, it got me thinking about all the things I want to do this fall. So I created this little list.

Make my room "fall-ish" - I´ve already taken down all of my summer decorations and now it´s time for fall room decor! I got into decorating my room only a few months ago so I don´t really have much fall themed room decor. But maybe by changing up my pillows and blankets I can create a more cozy and fall-ish vibe in my room. Also there are so many cool DIYs out there so I might try out a few of these... Maybe I´ll do a blogpost about room decor in the future ;)

Stay fit - The upcoming holidays in fall and also winter will probably bring a lot of food and sweets with them so maybe it´s not that bad to start exercising and jogging while the weather still allows that.

 Read at least 2 books this month - When I was younger I used to read a lot but when getting into middle school and high school I read less and less which is actually really sad just because reading is so fun. I´ve always been one of those people who gets really involved when reading, like I would really feel the thrill with the main character and if there were sad parts I would cry so many times... (I think I can´t count the amount of tissues I needed while reading Insurgent...) well anyways. I just want to try to read more this fall. Maybe in front of the window, when it´s raining and with a cup of tea...

 Bake cookies and pies - I´m not that great at baking or cooking. My mother is kind of a good cook and so is my sister. I guess that I´m just not blessed with that talent but still I find baking really cool! Particularly when you are done with the baking and you look at the result and you can be really proud of what you´ve done. (Also you can eat it afterwards so :D)

Carve a pumpkin- I know this is kind of a silly one but even when I was little we never used to do this and I did it last year and it was really fun so I really want to do it this year as well. 

Have a sleepover with my best friends - Me and my best friends don´t go to the same school anymore (we used to in elementary school.) Sadly we don´t see each other that often so I think it would be really cool if we did a sleepover where we cook dinner together, do some catch up and watched some films together. We could also do like a pamper night or something like that...

Draw again - I love drawing and creating things, but lately I didn´t pick up the pencil that often even though I had lots of time! I´m hoping that fall with all its different colors and looks will inspire me to draw again, because I do miss it.

Paulina, xoxo