Sunday, 23 August 2015

Diary | A Little Trip

 So a few days ago I went on a little two day trip to visit my godparents.
 Since they don´t live that near I´m not able to see them that often. Therefore I was really excited to meet them again. My godfather co owns a gyro copter (quite similar to a helicopter just a little smaller and less expensive. Just google it if you are interested) so he took me on a flight with him. I had already been on a flight with him before but this time we flew a little longer and over a river. It was such a great experience, even better than the last time. As soon as we had started and had gained some height the streets, cars, houses and people got smaller and smaller and the earth looked like one big patchwork rug. The sounds of the busy city became silent and the only noises you were able to hear were the wind and the engine of the gyro copter. I found it very relaxing to take a break from everyday life and I genuinely enjoyed our flight.
 I wanna share a few of the pictures I took with you...

After arriving at my godparents´ apartment we spent some time together. They are in the process of building a new house, so they showed me a few plans of the rooms and we talked about this and that. We cooked dinner and later in the evening we played at cards. I stayed the night on one of those sofas, which you can turn into a bed. Even though it might sound uncomfortable, I actually slept very well.

The next morning my godfather made some pancakes for breakfast and I had a little cup of tea on the balcony. It was really lovely! The sun had just risen and it was already quite warm. After breakfast we went on a hike in the forest where we took some pictures for a project that my godparents are supporting.  

Later that day we met up in a near city with my parents. We walked around the pedestrian area and along the river that ran through the city, got some ice cream and did some shopping. I also tried to teach my mother how to take a decent selfie, which didn´t quite work out. Well at least I tried right?
In the evening we had a lovely dinner in the backyard of a small restaurant that we found in one of the streets. It had such a calming, peaceful and romantic vibe. It made you feel as if you were on vacation in Italy or something like that! And the food was delicious...


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